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Malawi Schools Trust

We improve secondary schools in central Malawi with high quality resources, infrastructure, and sustainable support, so children in one of the world’s poorest countries can get a better chance to thrive in school and build a brighter future.

Education has been proven to be key to breaking cycles of poverty, but opportunities in Malawi are unevenly distributed, poorly resourced and inequitably available to all, especially girls. Less than 10% of children living in rural areas of Malawi, complete Secondary Education.

Malawi Schools Trust has a proven model for the improvement of secondary schools in partnership with local authorities and communities.

Our vision

We are working towards a Malawi where all children can benefit from a secondary education in buildings which are fit for purpose and with the resources and teachers they need to thrive.


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I have run short of words; I can’t believe seeing what I am seeing today. In fact, I was not supposed to come here today, but because of reports that I received yesterday that the school has turned into a rural growth centre I had no option but to come in person to see what has happening for myself and that’s why you have this large gathering today.

Since the day we sat under those trees to come up with our plans( in 2019) , I can witness that we are moving in the right direction.

Please on behalf of Mikuyu and on my own behalf, kindly send our vote of thanks to Malawi Schools Trust for transforming the lives of local children in Mikuyu.
Senior Senior Village Headman Chikanda

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