How we work

How we do it

In Malawi

Our Country Director, Oscar Mponda leads our work in Malawi. He works with local community groups and local government to agree needs, priorities, and work plans.

And he liaises with all our key partners such as World Bicycle Relief so that we continue to develop our work.

On our initial visits to a school we run a “Needs Analysis” with all the Community Groups including the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), Tribal Leaders, Teachers, and Mothers Group.

Once we have agreed plans, we supply a range of teaching materials and resources ( such as books/lap tops/electricity) to help teaching and we supply building materials( such as roofing materials/ windows) to the community so they can attend to building needs.

We pay special attention to girls’ education through the provision of Hostels, Bikes and SRHE.

Over a 2-year period we continue to evolve our work plan with the staff and community. We look for results in Pupil attendance and Graduation.

We maintain links with the school over 3-4 years so we can see the progression through Forms 1 to 4. Critically we look for community engagement and hope and make sure that the school has a sustainable future.

In United Kingdom

Our team of voluntary trustees in the UK support all MST fundraising efforts, maintain liaison with key partners and ensure that the charity governance, policies, reporting and financial records are all delivered as per UK Charity Commission standards and requirements.

Our vision

We are working towards a Malawi where all children can benefit from a secondary education in buildings which are fit for purpose and with the resources and teachers they need to thrive.


Students now attending schools supported by MST


Additional pupils graduating each year

How we achieve our goals: three principles

Our process

Since our humble beginnings the Charity has been able to develop its locally led model and expand its work from the provision of materials to a holistic, community-based support programme.

More about MST

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Thank you to our supporters

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