We started work in Mandjala CDSS in 2023.

This school is the most inaccessible of the schools we have worked with so far. To get to the school requires a 15kms journey on dirt roads that are in poor condition.

The school has 4 dilapidated classrooms and another 2 under construction ( US Aid). It has a small office for the 11 teachers but no meeting room. Teacher meetings are held in the shade of a tree. Form 3 and Form 4 (Sixth form) teaching is based on one book per subject. There is no lighting, no electricity. The school has capacity for over 300 children but last academic year had 115 registered.

Only 18 children graduated from the school last year.

Following our initial Community meetings and the specific input from Pupils our first steps at the school is the provision of textbooks and solar lighting to enable after hours study ( as requested by the pupils).

We were pointed to Mandjala CDSS by the Ministry of Education
Current phase


Updates from Mandjala

Measuring success

Key project dates

We have been supporting Mandjala since 2023


Community inception meeting and needs analysis begins. 

Plan for further developments

Our future plans in Mandjala include working on a longer-term plan for supply of learning and building materials to help the learning environment at the school. We will also research the building of a girls hostel in the School.
Current phase


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