Headmistress at Mankahka Secondary School

December 21, 2023
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Introducing Mrs Chance Nyasulu, Headmistress at one our new schools.

Chance took up her position at Mankhaka 6 months ago and according to staff has already had a big impact. From what we saw the school is very well organised despite have limited teaching resources e.g. one book per subject per class.

Chance helped Oscar facilitate the Community listening event we held in December. All the key groups in the community were there (Tribal elders, PTA, Student Council, SMC, Mothers Group). From the feedback session it was clear the community had great respect for her and with her quickly built consensus on the priorities for the school.



Mankhaka Community Leaders and Pupil Council( December 2024)

We are now working with her on an urgent list of needs ( Text Books and Solar Power) to enable senior students to study for their upcoming final year exams. Once we have done that, we will begin discussions on a girl’s hostel, which the community told us was the school’s biggest infrastructural need.

Chance, lives 8kms away from the school and has an expensive and challenging commute every day. The community has started to build a house for her, and we plan to help them with the provision of materials e.g. roofing sheets so that the building can be complete next term.

For the longer term we hope that Chance, as a headmistress, will help MST evolve our work to provide better girls’ education in Malawi.

Chance Nyasulu: Headmistress at Mankhaka Secondary School

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