The power of electricity

December 21, 2023
Community Updates

Earlier this year we installed more solar panels and also a 240 Volt inverter at Mikuyu. This has enabled the school to use multiple electrical devices.

Yamikane Mwase: Headmaster Mikuyu CDSS

Yami Mwase, headmaster at the school recently told us about the massive benefits of being able to use laptops, a router and projectors.

Yami said that having this equipment is helping the school to be a “winning” school.

He highlighted that the Projectors that were given to the school by Frensham Heights are having a profound impact on learning at the school. “Pupils and Teachers are used to being taught with chalk on a blackboard. The projectors are really making the lessons interactive and the teachers are able to add images and video into the lessons” he said.

Its created lots of excitement for the pupils, many of whom don’t have any lighting or electricity at home.

The 12 refurbished laptops (many of which were donated by Frensham pupils) and the router are also being used to enable the pupils to develop their computing skills and knowledge.

And now with the school on a sustainable footing for operational costs, the school now has the funds to pay for the 4G service and paper for the printer.

Preparation of Exam Papers for Term 1 Exams at Mikuyu

For the first time in the history of the school staff can print their own exam papers (see above) which they normally buy from the nearest town, at great expense.

In a WhatsApp message Yami said ” We are more than ready for the end of term one Examinations. We will start on Monday and close on 21st December, 2023. Many thanks to our partners, Printer and  Laptops and Router has changed our status.”

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