About Malawi Schools Trust

We upgrade existing schools in rural Malawi communities with safe, high quality resources, infrastructure and sustainable support, so children in one of the world’s poorest countries can get a better chance to thrive in school and build a brighter future.
We believe schools to be the beating heart of communities, and communities to be the vital support network schools need to succeed. Education has been proven to be key to breaking cycles of poverty, but opportunities are unevenly distributed, poorly resourced and inequitably available to all, especially girls. 
MST has a proven model for the upgrading of existing secondary schools in partnership with local authorities and driven by responding to community needs.

Our vision

We are working towards a Malawi where all children can benefit from a secondary education in buildings which are fit for purpose and with the resources and teachers they need to thrive.


Students now attending schools supported by MST


Additional pupils graduating each year
Measuring success

Key dates

We have been supporting education in Malawi since 2014


First community partnership in Mthunthama


MST Charity is officially registered


Second school partnership in Mikuyu well underway


Third and fourth community agreements reached and ready to launch in 2024

Our story

Our story has its roots in Frensham Heights School (Frensham), a progressive day and boarding school in the UK.

In 2013, the headmaster of the school (Andrew Fisher) started our work in Malawi with his own fund-raising campaigns to highlight the challenges of children in Malawi. Then, as part of Frensham’s international outreach, the school arranged biannual visits to Malawi by Frensham pupils. These visits enable Frensham pupils to live and work in the communities and understand some of the challenges of international development.

In the last 10 years, Frensham has been a core funder of Malawi Schools Trust. Most of the funds that have been raised for Malawi Schools Trust have been generated by the children at Frensham.

In 2019 Andrew explored options for the work in Malawi and a UK Charity was established to put our work on a sustainable footing.

In 2021, Oscar Mponda, who has worked for us as our liaison in country, was appointed a Trustee of the UK Charity.

Since that time the Charity has been able to develop its model and expand its work from the provision of materials to a holistic, community-based programme.

And, in 2024 with plans for accelerating our work, we appointed Oscar as our Country Director.

More about MST

Keep exploring the MST website to learn more about our work 

Thank you to our supporters

100% of all donations go directly to help our partners in Malawi
Malawi Schools Trust Registered Charity number 1182866
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