Mikuyu’s first University Student is Teaching at Mikuyu

December 21, 2023
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Great news! Stella Nkhata, who grew up in Mikuyu and has just graduated from university is working at the School as a Teacher.

Stella is a terrific role model for the students. She knows all about the challenges of girl’s education and how to navigate through them.

At the school she is teaching 17 hours a week and in January will also start work as the Matron  to the girls in the Hostel. She will live in the Hostel with the girls and help them with the challenges of living away from home and hostel life.

In an interview in December she said she would initially be helping the girls to work on tidiness and teamwork – there are 10 rooms in the hostel each with 4 girls.

Apart from helping the girls with their studies, Stella will be running guidance sessions to help girls who are struggling or need advice. She said “Girls in Mikuyu area are really struggling with early marriage and pregnancy, I will be working with them to help them avoid this.

Girls need to know that they have better opportunities in Malawi and that if they work hard they will do well”

For most of the girls having friendships with their peers is a new, exciting thing.

Its not all hard work and study said Stella, “we will also be having Video sessions”.

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