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April 13, 2020
Community Updates

April 2020

We supplied handwashing devices to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in Mtunthama and Mikuyu.

As the epidemic developed in Malawi, we supported Mtunthama and Mikuyu by diverting funds toward coronavirus education and prevention. We teamed up with our partner charity, MedicMalawi, to establish a large communications programme for the rural communities we support.

Together we provided PPE and medication for the hospital in Mtunthama as well as four training visits to improve awareness of coronavirrus and how to prevent its transmission.

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Social distancing is just not possible.

Social distancing in a country like Malawi is just not possible. For many, staying away from other people can mean starvation and death.

Villages in low-income countries tend to be crowded, with many single-room houses packed tightly together. Houses typically lack toilets and running water, and water must be collected daily from communal wells.

Most people’s livelihoods are precarious; they rely on cash-crop farming to make ends meet. In this perilous situation, any kind of disruption to daily life intensifies the problems they already face.

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Handwashing is not as easy as it sounds.

Handwashing is the only practical solution to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Malawi. Such a simple measure, which sounds so easy to us, is often very difficult, if not impossible.

This is where we were able to help. We sourced a metal frame that holds a large bucket with a lid and a water outlet to wash your hands.

We purchased five of these devices, which are now installed at the schools, churches and hospital in Mtunthama and Mikuyu. This device is made in Malawi, meaning the money we invested stays in the country.

Training updates continue as do follow-up visits to ensure correct use.

Handwashing facility at Mikuyu2.jpg

Father Chigulu is supportive.

We are also supported by Mikuyu’s new priest, Rev. Father Chigulu, who has moved to the community thanks to all the positive progress in Mikuyu. He is working hard to encourage the handwashing initiative.

This project has been made possible thanks to donations from Rotary Club Wetter-Herdecke Ruhrtal, Germany (a partner club of Rotary Club Farnham) and Rotary Club Farnham Weyside.

Every time a visitor or student arrives at the church or school they are greeted with a reminder “Remember to wash your hands and keep social distance”.

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