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October 13, 2023
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News from Mikuyu
It’s the rainy season in Malawi – a crucial time for people who depend on the crops they can grow to feed them throughout the year. Too little rain means that growth is poor and with too much the seeds can be washed away and soil eroded.

Fortunately this year, the rain is kind and so far there have not been the floods which can destroy fragile houses and bring diseases such as cholera.

Despite the practical challenges of the rainy season, it usually brings signs of hope at a time many people are running low on food supplies. But this year the cooler temperatures have also allowed coronavirus to thrive and we were sad to learn to hear that some people have died and many are sick.

It’s a heart-breaking situation and as a charity, we’ve thought long and hard about how best to help. Our friends at Medic Malawi are raising money to fund oxygen supplies in the Kasungu district and if you would like to support them, you can find out more here: Medic Malawi Oxygen Appeal

Here at Malawi Schools Trust, we took the difficult decision to maintain focus on strengthening the senior school.

We know that when this terrible crisis passes, the children in Mikuyu will need our help more than ever.

We know that education is the best way to help them overcome poverty in all its forms.

And we know the best way to help in the long term is to provide the security that comes with teachers who are in it for the long haul.

Read on to learn about the positive progress on our housing campaign, how our young supporters have been sharing their talents along with a message from Andrew Fisher, our patron.

Thank you for your continued support.

With best wishes,

from everyone at Malawi Schools Trust

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From Andrew
To all those reading the Malawi Schools Trust newsletter can I first say thank you.

Thank you for taking an interest in the plight of others and thank you for your support.

I am humbled to have been asked to join Malawi Schools Trust. The work of this charity gives security to the relationships I built over ten years of partnership; together we can

continue to make small but deeply significant contributions to small rural schools in Malawi.

In fact working with Malawi is in itself humbling; people with nothing give of themselves generously, people with nothing smile and welcome you every time, people with nothing are so, so very grateful for even the smallest acts of support and kindness.

And helping in Malawi makes you feel better too. Knowing that your humanity means more than a faceless donation. Feeling the warmth of gratitude from teachers, students and communities makes you feel stronger and more positive in your own struggles. The decade or more of work with the schools in Malawi will stay with me forever, because I feel that I am a better person for giving what I can and sharing what I have; believing in the importance of these small rural schools makes the people who work in them and the children who learn in them feel important too.

I look forward so much to meeting up with all the supporters of Malawi Schools Trust, to sharing in this endeavour with all of you and to celebrating our small successes.  I hope, in time, to be able to share my stories and experiences with you from those trips.  I believe in this work so very deeply that I also hope to be part of this act of humanity for a very long time.

Oscar’s Mishap
The community in Mikuyu is so remote that keeping in touch with the school can be quite challenging and we rely on our friend and project manager, Oscar Mponda, to keep us up to date.
So when we didn’t hear from him for a few days we were starting to worry. Then we received this by whatsapp:

My apologies for the delayed response to your email. I was not feeling well for the past two weeks. I fell on a motorbike on my way from the Consecration of Project Buildings by the Activity after my vehicle got stuck, hence I had to hire a motor bike..

We’re very relieved that Oscar is fully recovered now and managed to recover his car with some help from his friends.

Pop Art by Maisy
Building on the amazing efforts of Ollie who helped to raise almost £400 with his superb Christmas card designs, we were delighted when young entrepreneur and graphic designer, Maisy Binns told us she will donate to Malawi Schools Trust with every sale.

I’m very excited to announce my partnership with Malawi Schools Trust!
In 2019 I went on a school trip to Malawi and had the most amazing experience of my life, seeing the immense poverty that these people live in yet the sense of community and how happy and joyful they are really touched me. That’s why, I’ve
decided to help and every poster bought from now donates £5 to @malawischoolstrust with no extra cost!! 

Maisy is also willing to take commissions so if you want a pop art version of your pet, your granny or your favourite singer, do get in touch with her on instagram @maisysdigitalart

Frensham Heights Students walk to Mikuyu

Students, parents, former students (and lots of dogs!) set themselves the challenge to cover the 7,218 miles between Mikuyu Senior School and Frensham Heights.
Due to recent the recent lockdowns, much of this has been done by individual challenges and collectively they achieved 3,629 miles so far.

Then earlier this week, they asked the whole Frensham Heights Community to brave below freezing temperatures and take part in a virtual walk to get the rest of the way there.

At the time of writing, we’re waiting with bated breath to see if they made it. But we’re delighted that so far they have donated over £1,500 in sponsorship.

This incredible achievement means that we’re now over half way to raising the £11,000 we need to build houses for two teachers and their families. Read more

We need your help!

No matter whether big or small, if you are able to donate to one of our projects, we’d love to talk to you about the difference your gift will make to children in Malawi. Get in touch.

If you have skills and knowledge in fund raising or developing world educational and health projects or a great network to help us raise money through or just some simple energy and passion to get things done right and quickly, please get in touch. Get in touch.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, please sign up to support us through EasyFundraising and AmazonSmile.
Thank you for your support!
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