Water Projects

October 13, 2023
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 We believe education improves lives.

Many children in Malawi miss out on the opportunity for a better future
and we’re working to change that.

Water Projects

Water is life-giving in more ways than one.

Students who have easy access to water are less likely to be ill. They have more time to study. And they learn better.

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A reliable, clean water supply for Mikuyu Senior School

Pupils and Teachers used to walk 800 metres to the local primary school and queue for water and we quickly learned from the community elders, that successful development of the school would need access to water.

Find out how we worked with the community to ensure a sustainable water supply and how this gave new hope to a community in rural Malawi.


Water pumping system

All Saints School, Mtunthama

Info requested from Peter.

Our response to Covid-19.

Handwashing is known to be one of the most important preventions of Covid-19.

But what can you do if you live in a small place with no running water or toilet?

Every drop of water has to be carried from the nearest borehole which may be a few miles away. Imagine carrying two 10 litre canisters of water for a distance, at least once a day.

Suddenly washing your hands becomes a challenge.

Emmanuel, a local carpenter who worked with us on the classroom renovations in Mikuyu, invented a creative solution using a few things he could find.

[put under the image – caption] We were inspired by Emmanuel’s DIY handwashing device and wanted to do more to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Read how we were able to help

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