The Impact of a Girls Hostel, Solar Power and School Bursaries on Academic results

June 6, 2024
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Pictured left to right are: Edna, Bertha, and Lynet. These are some of the beneficiaries of school bursaries as well as occupants at the girls’ hostel. Edna and Bertha took positions 1 and 3 respectively in Form 3, whilst Lynet took position 1 in Form 1.

A poor harvest this year had resulted in a number of children dropping out from school at Mikuyu, this included some girls that have been boarding at the Hostel that was built by MST. To help with this we supported 23 needy students with school fees bursaries. This enabled a number of girls to continue their education and in many cases excel at their studies.

The girls attributed their excellent performance to three factors:

  • an opportunity of school bursaries that has kept them in school hence not missing classes due to non-payment of school fees
  • being accommodated at the hostel allows them to fully concentrate on their studies as they reside within the school premises, walking long distances and getting entangled with household chores no longer come into play
  • the installation of Solar power in the hostels was another cause of their concentration as they now have more time to study hence beating the odds of topping their classes that are mostly dominated by boys

Bertha Gustino, who is 18 years old and in Form 3 said “ The bursary scheme has helped in that I have overcome the challenges that I used to have in payment of school fees. My dad passed away when I was only in primary school. My mom got re-married, but I was source of conflicts in the home because my step dad didn’t want me in the home. I was later adopted by my aunt, who requested me to relocate to Mikuyu. Unfortunately, the place was not conducive to support my studies because they were brewing local beer hence it greatly affected my education and performance at school. Coupled with long travel distance to school I had no time to focus on my studies. I really appreciate that when I presented this to the headteacher, I was accorded an opportunity to be accommodated at the hostel and be paid for my school fees under MST bursary. My wish is to get selected to Mzuzu University where I aspire to graduate as a health practioner so that I will be able to help other in similar situations like me to pursue their studies.”

Oscar Mponda, Country Manager for Malawi Schools Trust noted: “The Bursaries for the 23 children at Mikuyu were an exceptional intervention. For the most recent term, parents were able to pay the fees and the children have continued to thrive at school. Its great that Malawi Schools Trust can be responsive to specific needs when they arise.”

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