Borehole in Mikuyu

October 13, 2023
Community Updates

Supplying clean water to Mikuyu

“Having our own water supply at school means that we can spend more time on teaching and learning.”

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Mikuyu Senior School is located in one of the most remote areas of central Malawi. It was started 15 years ago and, until now, the 80 pupils had no direct access to water.

Pupils and teachers used to walk 800 metres to the local primary school and queue for water. We quickly learned from the community elders that successful development of the senior school would need it’s own access to water.

We worked with the community and a hydrogeologist to find the right location for a borehole: close to the new library and admin block and adjacent to the teachers’ houses. The teachers agreed to keep it well maintained – a big tick for sustainability!

The borehole was an amazing catalyst for improving the lives of the whole community in Mikuyu.

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The impact was felt immediately as pupils gained

access to water for drinking and handwashing.

Just six months after the borehole was completed , pupil numbers increased from 80 to 105. That’s an extra 25 children staying in education!

More good news followed.

After drilling, the community built a channel for water to be directed to the laundry washing area.

And, as a result of our interest in Mikuyu, both education and church authorities allocated an extra teacher and a priest to the community.

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A true team effort

The diocese asked three reputable contractors to quote for the work. It also helped us negotiate a contract with the appointed company, which started work in February 2019.

Our wonderful project manager, Oscar Mponda, was assigned by the diocese and oversaw the work to ensure it was completed on time and on budget.

We were able to to witness the pump’s first use in March 2019. It was a thrilling moment as we saw 50 litres of water pumped to the surface every minute.

This water supply should last for 30 to 40 years.

June 2020 update. Despite poor rainfall in the last year, the water table has not dropped below 27 metres from the surface. This is a good sign that the well was drilled in the right place.

Photo: Archie Lewendon

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Thanks to the kindness of one family.

This project was funded by a family who generously donated £4,000. This covered all the exploration and construction costs.

Thanks to their kindness, Mikuyu Senior School not only has a reliable clean water supply for many years to come but has also gained support from other organisations.

The whole community is buzzing with excitement. They know that people are working with them to make their lives better.

That means a lot. Thank you.

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