Improving water supply at All Saints

October 13, 2023
Community Updates

September 2020

We are delighted to announce the completion of this project which has provided All Saints School with a reliable supply of clean water now – and for many years to come.

This a positive start to the new school year. And especially important to support hygiene during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even though All Saints School is considered to be one of the best in Malawi, it didn’t have a reliable water supply of its own. Securing this could be one of the final steps in making the school self-supporting.

In consultation with local contractors, we drilled a new borehole which was connected to a pump and two water-storage tanks. We also installed a distribution system to transport the water to throughout the school.

The school now has enough clean water without having to pay for it each month.



The old borehole didn’t supply enough water for the school’s daily needs, so they paid for a limited external supply using funds that could otherwise have been spent on teaching and learning.

Even so, neither the quantity nor the quality of the external water supply during the school day was good enough and the toilets rarely worked.

We believed the existing borehole to be 40 metres deep. But on further investigation, it turned out that it had only been drilled to 17 metres, meaning the pump and storage tanks under construction weren’t going to be of any use.

A new borehole was drilled, with the pump incorporated into this new well. From there, the water is pumped to the storage tanks using solar-powered pumps, And from there, the water is distributed throughout the school.

The first part of this project was funded by donations from Frensham Heights School, and the cost of the new borehole was covered by a private donor.

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